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At least it's not an invite to another Zoom quiz.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I never thought about starting a blog.

Actually, that's a lie.

I did plan on starting a blog when I was 15 about how I was the most important teenager in the world that no one would understand. I'm glad I didn't do that one.

We all seem to be starting new things this lockdown season and I thought I'd finally put fingers to keyboard and put my thoughts and feelings in solid text form. So,

Dear Diary ...

Kidding. It's not gonna be one of those blogs, don't worry (not shade to those blogs.)

I wanted to start this blog to have conversations that are missing while we discuss the future of theatre mid and post-pandemic. Those of us at the very beginning of our careers are often, unintentionally, forgotten about. I am a comedy performer, theatre maker and recent graduate into the big scary theatre industry. I got my undergrad last year and in October I finally finished my Masters. What a time to do it, eh? We only just got a wee toe on the ladder before it started shaking. We still have the majority of our weight into our part-times jobs and conversations with family members about how we promise we will eventually use our education to pay the debt.

I plan on doing two blog posts a month - one mini and one a bit longer - which will cover a multitude of topics surrounding the theatre industry. I am a young ( I'm just at the end of the 16-25 bracket), queer, working-class artist, so many of my blogs will touch on at least one of these topics. My work is based in comedy so these will be mostly easy reads, which a sprinkling of academia throughout - gotta use that Masters.

The imposter syndrome is real and part of this blog is proving to myself that I have interesting things to say about theatre and performance. Hopefully you agree.

The first long blog post will go up on 12th February which will explore being a graduate, the changing theatre landscape and digital performance. Quirky title to be determined.

I'd love it if you'd give them a read!

Stay safe, wear a mask and DEAR GOD don't invite me to another Zoom quiz.

Kirsten xx

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